Non-Profit Status

The Stamford Rites of Passage program is under the Stamford Public Schools fiscal sponsorship.  It is not registered as a separate 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

In 2004, the Stamford Public School System provided a grant for the seed money to purchase the original set of books and materials.  The Stamford Rites of Passage program has its own bank account has not gotten any funding from the Stamford Public School system since 2004.

Current Fundraisers

  • Annual Cultural Food Festival – Spring – Stamford High School.
  • Community Drum Circle – Spring – Stamford High School.
  • Annual Fish Fry Festival – Summer – Stamford High School.
  • Donations – continual – general donations from community members.

Contact People

Contact Sharon Wade, the Communications Coordinator at


Contact Erica Virvo, the Development Coordinator at, with any fundraising ideas.


Thank you for your support!